Thank you for visiting  I'm a reporter for CBS 2 Chicago. You'll spot me at the scene of breaking news finding sources, on the phone with producers, going live on Facebook and more --  all while keeping calm to smoothly deliver information on air. Every day, my goal is to inform the public in the most meaningful way. That includes reporting relevant information succinctly, triple checking my facts and finding a character that viewers can relate to so they see and feel the impact of what's happening in their communities. I beef up my reporting with an investigate twist - digging into data, filing countless FOIA requests and asking the tough questions. See highlights above and under the "More Work" tab.    

Before Chicago, I worked as a reporter and fill-in anchor at WTIC also known as FOX 61. I treasured my time behind the anchor desk. Three hours solo each weekend morning taught me to better ad-lib, practice managerial skills and make on-the-spot news coverage decisions. In Connecticut, I also had the amazing opportunity to follow a local American Idol contestant from his first days on the show all the way to his victorious finale in Los Angeles! See my Nick Fradiani coverage below. You'll find an anchor reel under the "More Work" tab.

Prior to Fox61, I worked as a videojournalist at WPTZ/WNNE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Burlington, Vt. The majority of  my reports were solo-shot, written and edited on deadline -- often with a one or two-hour drive both ways because our coverage area included all of Vermont, parts of upstate New York and a sliver of New Hampshire. My assignments included environmental reporting as Vermont is on the forefront of green technology. I was also responsible for posting my work on multiple digital platforms each night including our station's website. The most important skill I gained while juggling all those duties in a three-state market was time management -- learning how to be efficient while gathering emotional interviews and ensuring my story was balanced and factually correct. The experience in Vermont was priceless.

I knew I wanted to be a reporter since I was in my single digits. My 3rd grade yearbook photo to the right is proof -- though my aunt recently found letters where I describe aspirations to become a newscaster in 2nd grade! That dream took me to the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. I graduated with cum laude honors a semester early and jumped feet first into TV news. I love the challenge of chasing after stories and trying tell them in the most effective way possible, all while the clock is ticking.